If Chairik is observed from behind, the resemblance to a person’s back and spine is immediately evident. So, before you even sit down, a psychological contact has been established with the chair. Erik Magnussen was very concerned about what he called the sensuous aspect of a design.

A light stackable chair simplified to the utmost and capable of stacking at 16 mm. The organically shaped plywood supports the back without putting pressure on the spine, and at the same time is an exuberant expression of the human body.
This is achieved in a two dimensional shell – a great advantage when working with moulded plywood.


The chair is a typical work of Magnussen – a result of a whole series of innovations – noise-suppressing tips, the imperishable melamine surface used here for the first time on a veneer chair, the minimized stacking height, the protecting bumper and the avoidance of the pressure on the spiral column. The chair is assembled with two spread rivets.