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Montana Furniture (Engelbrechts Furniture)

Montana Furniture

Montana Furniture (Engelbrechts Furniture)

Engelbrechts was founded in 1989 by Morten Engelbrecht who came from the high end furniture and design store, Paustian in Copenhagen. He soon wanted to build up his own collection of Business to Business furniture and reached out for a designer who could meet his functional elegance ideas about design. He wasn’t sure Erik Magnussen would be interested, but a mutual friend and collaborator of both, the eminent graphic designer Finn Nygaard said: call him!
The friendship and cooperation lasted until the death of Erik Magnussen in 2014, and the Magnussen family is involved in the continuous upkeeping of the EM designs in the Engelbrechts Collection.
In 2021, Engelbrechts Furniture was acquired by Montana Furniture as part of the company's business strategy to strengthen its range and profile in the contract market.