Erik Magnussen considered the Plasma chair (2002) to be his best design.
‘In construction it is a marvel with its interplay between the plastic parts and the insertion of aluminum legs. It exhibits much of the enchantment of the toy construction set.’ (s 141, Henrik Sten Møller - ‘Shortcuts - Erik Magnussen Design’ - Rhodos 2007)

Photo: Piotr Fotografi

After designing the Chairik chair in plywood in 1996, he spent a holiday in his French barn workshop enjoying the freedom of creating a stacking chair, without having been asked to, and in his own choice of technology and materials with considerably less limitations.

With the difficulty of shaping plywood into an organic and comfortable seat in mind, he sculptured the chair in gypsum on chicken wire in a way to optimize sitting comfort, stability and quality of molding, to simplify mounting and to minimize use of material and making it easily recyclable.